Channel Marketing Management

We are making sure that your global channel marketing programs are perfectly executed in DACH. We are supporting the localization on all levels, as well as managing the whole process from activity planning to processing of claims.

Our channel marketing team is working both ways: Executing global plans in DACH, as well as collecting, evaluating and executing local channel marketing opportunities from stores. This provides maximum consistency as well as flexibility and individualization on a local level.

Facilitating all stages of your channel marketing process, top-down and bottom-up

Management of channel marketing budgets for DACH countries and regions

Supporting localization on all levels to make sure your assets perfectly fit the market

Ensuring a perfect execution of global channel marketing programs in DACH

Collecting, evaluating, and executing opportunities on regional- and store-level

Delivering proof of execution and handling the claiming process with retailers and distributors

Ongoing ROI analysis and reporting of quantitative and qualitative effects of retail marketing programs