Channel Marketing Management

We are adapting and driving your global marketing programs in GSA. The other way round, we developing fresh ideas and regional demands to push the brand forward.

Our channel marketing experts are managing and allocating channel budgets, creating assets and taking care of consistent execution on all levels!

• Ownership of channel marketing budget in DACH

• Top-down execution of global channel marketing programs in DACH

• Bottom-Up evaluation of regional opportunities from RAM teams

• Adaption and creation of copy, assets (graphics and videos, online, in-store and more)

• Initiation of product placements (e.g. in TV / radio) in co-operation with retail partners

• Supporting co-ordination and management of agencies you are using in DACH

• Ongoing ROI analysis and reporting of quantitative and qualitative effects of retail marketing programs

• Regular updates and reports to your channel marketing management (DACH or Europe)