Retail Analytics

„You can’t manage what you can’t measure!“ – in today’s business this saying is more important than ever. This is why we have developed our own CRM system for mobile and desktop called NPU One.

NPU One is our comprehensive tool for collection, analysis and usage of relevant retail data, enabling us to communicate with each other and make perfectly informed decisions.

• Collection and processing of retail data (sales, stock, visits, store front photos and more)

• Detailed analysis of all factors relevant for success in online and offline retail

• Informed decision making and data-driven actions

• Full documentation of our communication with retail partners and stores

• Status updates incl. store front photos

• Progress tracking on all levels (HQ, store cluster, individual store)

• Tracking of POS fixtures, trainings, marketing agreements, and more

• Customizable dashboards and reports for you and your team

• Possibility to compare sales vs. marketing invest (ROI), progress of staff knowledge and in-store presence, sales vs. forecast and much more


You cant manage what you cant measure