Regional Account Management

Our highly qualified regional account management team reflects our vision of tackling the future of retail.

We drive sales out, build strong relationships and develop a strong in-store footprint and individual marketing agreements. We dive deep into performance analysis and establish sustainable success.

• Improvement of in-store positioning

Development of POS footprint with fixtures and branding

• Activation and optimization of auto-replenishment and stock levels

• Education and motivation of staff members, building relationships

• Negotiation of local (store-level) and regional (cluster-level) spendings and marketing programs

• Execution of national promotions on a regional level

• Tracking of sales out against regional targets, overall-development of regional performance

In-Store Execution

A quantum leap for virtual-reality!

Starting in May 2018 with Key Account Management, we have been able to make Oculus rise out of a blurry category and establish themselves as the clear leader in VR/AR. The YOY sales quadrupled and we are today working on all service pillars.

Launching a smart-home rocket from scratch!

Proving that in depth account-management on a regional and local basis can make a really big impact, our regional management team was able to drastically improve Ring’s in store-presentation with 50 additional endcap fixtures in pre-selected, top-performing Media Saturn stores accross Germany and Austria.

Establishing a fintech giant on the shop floor!

We started working with Sumup in Retail Growth Management back in March 2019, re-designing their distribution landscape and go-to-market approach on a DACH level. Only 5 months later Sumup were live on all NPU-pillars and we could use our full power to open up the full potential of retail in all 3 countries. The highlight was the placement of over 50 Sumup-designed gitterboxes in Media Saturn just before Christmas season, boosting sales-out  by factor 5.