Our Team

We play the infinite game

Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves. We are looking for talents that make us better. Get to know our team and join our mission!


We lead inspiring brands to success

No matter if you are an established or scaling-up business, our team of experts enable you to obtain commercial excellence across all channels. We keep developing innovative services guided by the future of buying. With full dedication to your brand, we turn your vision into measurable results.

Core Values

Our Core Values

Our daily interactions are based on our core values. They drive us to the next level, motivate us day by day, and enable us to form strong long-lasting relationships with our brands and partners.

nonplusultra Core Values : Take the lead

We are proactive and own our business.

nonplusultra Core Values : Data builds opinion

We argue based on observations instead of assumptions.

nonplusultra Core Values : Go where the pain is

We are actively facing challenges to keep growing.

nonplusultra Core Values : Trust forms loyalty

We act based on our values and build long-lasting partnerships.

nonplusultra Core Values : Spread good vibes

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.